Thursday, January 25, 2007

OII-USA member, David Cameron, and his partner Peter featured in film

"One in 2000" is a 26-minute piece that is being sent out to several festivals. The producer and artist of this film also hopes to distribute it either through the educational circuit or perhaps PBS or cable access stations.

See below for festival showings in your area.

If you have any suggestions as to other venues to send it, please inform Ajae, the producer, by writing directly to her at the following address:


September 20-24, 2006
Austin, TX

Austin Gay Lesbian International Film Festival
September 29-October 8
Austin, TX
Part of "Black & White" program
"One in 2000" screening
2:40 PM, Oct 7, 2006
Regal Arbor Cinema

Mill Valley Film Festival
October 5-15, 2006

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
October 20-29, 2006

NextFrame Film Festival
(UFVA) University Video Association's Touring Festival of
International Student Film & Video
"One in 2000" wins 1st Place in Documentary Program

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Three intersex activists defend children against pejorative terminology

Three intersex activists who were included in the manual of the DSD guidelines have now made it clear that they do not agree with the new terminology. When they agreed to have their experiences and intersex histories included, they were not fully informed of the actual terminology nor all the implications of the publications of the Consortium for the Management of Disorders of Sex Development.

We in OII-USA wish to express our deep gratitude to David Cameron, Peter Trinkl and Esther Morris Leidolf for their courageous stand against this pejorative terminology. What they have done is very powerful and helps all of us in our struggle to live openly and without shame. They worked to help change the current health care of intersex children but have the courage to make their feelings known about this terminology which is consistent with their reason for agreeing to participate in the first place. You can read the disclaimer which is now in the web version of the DSD guidelines.

Excerpt from the DSD Guidelines:

“We are grateful for the participation of David Cameron, Peter Trinkl, and Esther Morris Leidolf in this project. However, they would like to make it known that they do not support the term “Disorders of Sex Development.”

To read the excerpt in context:

OII-USA Spokesperson for Human Rights

David Cameron attended his first ISNA support group meeting in 1995 and within the year became ISNA’s first volunteer! He served as a board member from Dec. ’02 through Dec. ’05. As a person with XXY sex chromosomes, David has written about his experience in Hermaphrodites with Attitude, Chrysalis, and Alice Dreger’s book Intersex In the Age of Ethics.

As an adult, David was hormonally masculinized by testosterone therapy without his “informed” consent.He served as an appointed member to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee and was a member of their Intersex Task Force. This Task Force was the first governmental organization in the U.S. to organize a public hearing on intersex treatments that involve gender assignments. After the historic hearing in May 2004, the Task Force developed the Intersex Report, with findings and recommendations, and was adopted by the Human Rights Commission in May 2005.

David lives in San Francisco with his domestic partner, Peter, whom he met in 1978.

Chronology of David Cameron’s Intersex Human Rights Activism

1995 – Attended first ISNA emotional support group – learned that Klinefelter’s Syndrome is an intersex variation via Cheryl Chase. Wrote article for "Chrysalis"and ISNA newsletter "Hermaphrodites with Attitude." Attended KS&A Conference in Baltimore. They refused to call Klinefelter's syndrome an intersex condition and wouldn't discuss gender variant issues.

1996 – Joined Cheryl, Suegee and others giving a panel presentation to the Human Rights Commission’s LGBT Advisory Committee on our intersex issues. Was interviewed by Alice Dreger for a book (in my backyard).

1996 to 1998 – Became Cheryl’s first volunteer to create ISNA, took over and led support group, began volunteering in ISNA offices on Fulton and Mission Streets answering letters and sending out requested information, etc. Wrote Chapter 8 in Intersex and the Age of Ethics.

2000-2001 – Appointed by SF Board of Supervisors to serve on Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force (TGCRITF) as an intersex person. Ms. Chase writes letter of recommendation. I’m able to educate and remove intersex from Transgender umbrella. HRC agrees that intersex is it’s own umbrella term.

2002 – Joined working group of HRC LGBTAC on “Gender Identity” issues as a community member. Present another panel to LGBTAC with Hida Viloria on intersex issues. Join ISNA Board of Directors.

2003 – Joined Ms. Chase, Thea Hillman, Ben Lunine (HRC intern) to speak at SF Human Rights Commissioners meeting on intersex. Commissioners call for hearing.

Sacramento Bee staff writes article announcing hearing.

Early 2004 – Appointed to HRC LGBTAC as their first intersex member. Intersex Task Force created (intersex community and transgender members volunteer to serve) with intention of creating public hearing on intersex issues with SF Human Rights Commissioners. This occurs on May 27 for 4 hours in room 416 at San Francisco City Hall. My Domestic Partner, Peter Tannen, and I make donation to “Friends of the HRC” to pay SFGTV to film proceedings for visual public record. Intersex Task Force continues to work with Marcus Arana (HRC staff) to write Intersex Report with “Findings and Recommendations” to hopefully be implemented.

April 2005 – Intersex Report adopted by Commissioners and HRC sends out Press Release. Only one newspaper responds with brief article. SF Board of Supervisors pass resolution announcing “Intersex Awareness Day” as October 26th. Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s office sponsors.

Late 2005 –Hand deliver 3 Intersex Reports and letter requesting meeting with Assemblyman Mark Leno’s office. Phone calls/emails go unanswered. Contacted NCLR, Equality California and Lambda Legal for support on report’s “Recommendations.” Get none. Phone requests and emails not answered. Left ISNA Board of Directors at end of year. Discovered Lambda Letters Project (LLP)on the web. Become member as they include Intersex in their LGBTI legislative issues section.

2006 – Contacted Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s office for assistance on implementing Intersex Report’s recommendations. Referred to his staff. Take administrative aide, Rachelle McManus, out to lunch and give her copy of report. Was told she would read recommendations and get back to me. Still haven't heard. Phone calls/emails go unanswered. Article (by me) published in Lambda Legal e-news as requested by former ISNA intern Mary Keiterborn. Help ISNA review Guidelines for Clinicians and Handbook for Parents. Request that they change name from Disorders of Sex Development to Variations of Sex Development. ISNA adopts DSD language. In fall, Peter Trinkl and I attend LLP Board of Directors meeting at Shriner’s Hospital in Sacramento. Wrote article for Bay Area Reporter on “Being Different and Fitting In.”

Dec. 2, 2006 – Howard Devore, Anne Tamar-Mattis, Peter Trinkle and I meet with LLP’s chief lobbyist, Boyce Hinman in San Francisco to discuss Intersex issues and how to move them forward with state legislation. Show “XXXY” and “One in 2000” to further educate Boyce on our issues. He suggests that we start with a hearing at a State Health Committee meeting, chaired by Shiela Khuel. Can not gather enough local support for this to happen.

Dec. 5, 2006 – Peter Trinkl and I met with HR Commissioners Dunlap and Chung, and HRC staff Marcus Arana and Larry Brinkin to lobby adding intersex to the LGBTAC name (after spending two years doing everything they asked us to do). Request was denied.

October 2006 - Organized an intersex panel for Cancer Conference (part of the larger GLMA conference) in San Francisco. Had Milton Diamond and Max Beck flown in to participate.

October 2006 - Hosted first ever "Hermaphrodites with Attitude" 10-year anniversary party in my home. Mani Bruce Mitchell (from new Zealand) helped organize the gathering. Many intersex people and their supporters attend.

Interviewed by Catherine Harper for her book, Intersex.

Feb. 18, 2007 – meeting in SF with LLP and community members canceled because of need to interface with Intersex Roundtable outcomes. Attend 3-day roundtable, representing Organization Intersex International as their Intersex Human Rights Spokesperson. Future legislation nixed by attendees of roundtable. Feb. 20th last meeting as member of the Human Rights Commission's LGBTAC.

2007 Joined advisory board for the Institute for Intersex Children and the Law. Name changed to Advocates for Informed Choice (Summer ’07).

2007 Fall - became Intersex Outreach Director for Marriage Equality USA. Will try to educate them beyond the 2 sex/2 gender system they tend to reinforce.

Since starting my intersex activism 13 years ago, I have spoken to numerous pre-med students, church groups, schools, and other venues on my experience as an intersex person with a sex chromosome variation and plan to continue to do so.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Book by OII-USA board member

Taylor Holder, OII-USA board member from North Carolina and founder of the non-profit organization,, has written a very interesting book dealing with intersex and gender. For more information, please visit or Barnes and Noble.

Introducing Tom Odegard/Ms.G

Tom and Ms. G - XXY and 65 before this was confirmed by a very expensive test. Prior to that s/he simply knew s/he was two or perhaps as the Hindus would have it, Tat tvam asi, I am that. S/he was born and raised male by parents and doctors who were unaware of hir genetic and psychic "Two Spirit" state.

Graduated UC Davis 1963 - BA English - '65 teaching major Drama - Teaching Internship UCB 1969 - boatbuilder - handyman - jack/jill of many trades - married '63 - divorced '80 - married 83 and continuing - Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate CA in 84. Poet since1980 - writing creatively since 1952 after realizing how few "real" facts there are in the world.