Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Introducing Tom Odegard/Ms.G

Tom and Ms. G - XXY and 65 before this was confirmed by a very expensive test. Prior to that s/he simply knew s/he was two or perhaps as the Hindus would have it, Tat tvam asi, I am that. S/he was born and raised male by parents and doctors who were unaware of hir genetic and psychic "Two Spirit" state.

Graduated UC Davis 1963 - BA English - '65 teaching major Drama - Teaching Internship UCB 1969 - boatbuilder - handyman - jack/jill of many trades - married '63 - divorced '80 - married 83 and continuing - Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate CA in 84. Poet since1980 - writing creatively since 1952 after realizing how few "real" facts there are in the world.

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